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10999 S. Ocean Drive, Jensen Beach, Florida, 34957 Directions
(772) 877-3139 / Open Daily for Dinner

All About Oysters

Read the ‘A, B, C’s of Oysters’ poem and check out the Worlds Largest Collection of Oysters with our Jensen Beach restaurants’ list of all the different oysters our oyster expert, Mr. Matt Asen, has eaten and collected over the past 5 years!

My Oyster A, B, C’s

A ‘s APALACHICOLA, of which we are quite fond,

B is for BELON, from France across the pond.


D is for DAMARISCOTTA, tasty but hard to say.

E’s an EAST BEACHE BLONDE, a sexy sounding shell,

F for a FRENCH KISS, in that class as well.

G is GIGAMOTO, a small one that is nice,

H for HAMA HAMA, so nice they named it twice!

I means ISLAND CREEKS, of Massachusetts fame,

J is for J’ADORE, another sexy name.


L is LADY CHATTERLY, to taste but not to photo!

M may be a MALAGASH, a name that’s fun to say,

N for NAKED COWGIRL, or NAKED COWBOY, if you’re gay.

O is for OLYMPIA, the smallest of them all,

P for PEMAQUID, from Maine it stands quite tall.

Q is QUONSET POINT, from Narragansett Bay,

R says ROCKY PASS, from up Alaska way!


T is for TSARSKAYA, from France it’s sure to please!

U stands for UMAMI, your daddy’s favorite kind,

V for VILLAGE BAY, a nice New Brunswick find.


X FOR XL WIANNO, the biggest in the joint!

Y stands for YAQUINA, from an icy Oregon Bay,

Z is a ZEEUWSE PLATTE, a Dutch flat from far away!

There you have my A. B. C’s, I’d like to see you beat ‘em,

It was fun to rhyme those oyster names, but me, I’D RATHER EAT ‘EM

……MATT ASEN, Oyster Lover

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Name Origin Species
14 countries/18 states/4 provinces
38 North Maryland Virginica
1871 VA Virginica
Acadia Maine Virginica
Alpine Bay PEI Virginica
Alpine Point PEI Virginica
Amai Wash. St. Gigas
Anna’s Day Wash. St. Gigas
Apalachicola Florida Virginica
Apalachicola Louisianna Virginica
Apalachicola Texas Virginica
Arcadia Point Wash. St. Gigas
Area 192 Maryland Virginica
Area 537 Maryland Virginica
Austern Holland Gigas
Ayock Salt Nuggets Wash. St. Gigas
Bagaduce Maine Virginica
Bagaduce Falls Maine Virginica
Bahia Falsa Mexico Gigas
Baily L I Sound Virginica
Baja Kumamoto Mexico Sikamea
Bald Point Wash. St. Gigas
Balmoral Beach BC Gigas
Banc D’arguin France Gigas
Bar Harbor Maine Virginica
Barcat VA Virginica
Barnstable Mass Virginica
Barren Island Maryland Virginica
Barron Point Wash. St. Gigas
Basket Island Maine Virginica
Battle Creek VA Virginica
Bay Center Wash. St. Gigas
Baynes Sound BC Gigas
Baynes Sound Wash. St. Gigas
Beach Point Mass Virginica
Beacon Point Wash. St. Gigas
Beau Soleil New Brunswick Virginica
Beavertail Rhode Island Virginica
Bees River Mass Virginica
Belon Maine Ostrea Edulis
Belon #1 France Ostrea Edulis
Belon #2 France Ostrea Edulis
Belon #3 France Ostrea Edulis
Belon Cadoret France Ostrea Edulis
Big Cove Wash. St. Gigas
Big Rock Mass Virginica
Black Bear Maine Virginica
Black Crescent New Brunswick Virginica
Black Duck Salt VA Virginica
Black Fish Creek L I Sound Virginica
Black Point Nova Scotia Virginica
Blackberry PEI Virginica
Blackberry Point PEI Virginica
Block Island Rhode Island Virginica
Blue Diamond Wash. St. Gigas
Blue Island L I Sound Virginica
Blue Pool Wash. St. Gigas
Blue Whale L I Sound Virginica
Blue Yonder L I Sound Virginica
Bluepoint L I Sound Virginica
Boomstick Wash. St. Gigas
Box L I Sound Virginica
Bras Dor Nova Scotia Virginica
Brewster Mass Virginica
Briar Patch L I Sound Virginica
Broad Water VA Virginica
Brooklyn Creek BC Gigas
Browne Point Maine V
Buckley Bay BC Gigas
Buzzards Bay Mass Virginica
Cable Creek Mass Virginica
Cadillac Maine Virginica
Cadoret France Gigas
Calm Cove Wash. St. Gigas
Canada Cup PEI Virginica
Cannery Row Wash. St. Gigas
Canoe Lagoon Alaska C. Gigas
Cape Blue Maine Virginica
Cape Breton PEI Virginica
Cape Cod Bay Mass Virginica
Cape Cod Petite Mass Virginica
Cape May Salt NJ Virginica
Cape Mays Delaware Virginica
Captain Jacks L I Sound Virginica
Caraquet New Brunswick Virginica
Carlsbad Blond Wash. St. Gigas
Carr’s Cove PEI Virginica
Cascumpec Bay PEI Virginica
Cavendish Cup PEI Virginica
Cedar Island Rhode Island Virginica
Charles Island Va Virginica
Chatham Mass Virginica
Chefs Creek Wash. St. Gigas
Chelsea Gems Wash. St. Gigas
Chelsea Petite Wash. St. Gigas
Cherry Stone Creek Va Virginica
Chesapeake Bays Maryland Virginica
Chesapeake Gold VA Virginica
Chincoteague VA Virginica
Chicoteague Salts Maryland Virginica
Chipagane New Brunswick Virginica
Choptank Sweets Maryland Virginica
Christmas Cove Maine Virginica
Chunu VA Virginica
Church Point Wash. St. Gigas
Clarinbridge Ireland Ostrea Edulis
Clevedon Bay New Zealand Virginica
Cockenoe L I Sound Virginica
Coffin Bay Australia Gigas
Colville Bay New Brunswick Virginica
Connecticut Point L I Sound Virginica
Conway Cup PEI Virginica
Conway Pearls PEI Virginica
Conway Royale PEI Virginica
Cookes Cocktail PEI Virginica
Copps Island L I Sound Virginica
Cornell L I Sound Virginica
Coromandel New Zealand Gigas
Cortes Island BC Gigas
Cotuit Mass Virginica
Cove Miyagi California Gigas
Cowart VA V
Cranberry Cove Wash. St. Gigas
Cranberry Creek Wash. St. Gigas
Cranberry Ledge Wash. St. Gigas
Creuse de Bretagne France Gigas
Creuse Sauvage Rock France Gigas
Crisfield VA Virginica
Crowes Creek Mass Virginica
Crystal Bay BC Gigas
Cupcakes L I Sound Virginica
Cuttyhunk Mass Virginica
Dabob Bay Wash. St. Gigas
Daisy Bay PEI Virginica
Damariscotta Maine Virginica
Danotta Wash. St. Gigas
Dartmouth Mass Virginica
Davenport Mass Virginica
Deep Bay BC Gigas
Deep Bay Wash. St. Gigas
Deep Cove PEI Virginica
Deep Rock L I Sound Virginica
Deer Creek Wash. St. Gigas
Delaware Bay Delaware Virginica
Denman Island BC Gigas
Diamond Point Wash. St. Gigas
Discovery Bay Wash. St. Gigas
Dodge Cove Maine Virginica
Dosewallips Wash. St. Gigas
Drakes Bay California Gigas
Druncken Kiss CA GigasG
Duck Island L I Sound Virginica
Duckabush Wash. St. Gigas
Duke PEI Virginica
Dune Shadow New Brunswick Virginica
Dungeness Wash. St. Gigas
Dungeness Bay Wash. St. Gigas
Dutch Island L I Sound Virginica
Duxbury Mass Virginica
Eagle Creek Wash. St. Gigas
Eagle Rock Wash. St. Gigas
East Beach Blond Rhode Island Virginica
East Dennis Mass Virginica
East End L I Sound Virginica
East-Siders L I Sound Virginica
Ebenecook Maine Virginica
Ecaile D’argent France Gigas
Eel Lake Nova Scotia Virginica
Effingham Inlet BC Gigas
Eld Inlet Wash. St. Gigas
Elkhorn Wash. St. Gigas
Emerald Cove Wash. St. Gigas
Emersum VA Virginica
Empire Divers L I Sound Virginica
Evening Cove Wash. St. Gigas
Falmouth Mass Virginica
Fancy Sweets New Brunswick Virginica
Fanny Bay BC Gigas
Fat Dog NH Virginica
FDC Marennes Oleron France Gigas
FDC Spec #3 France Gigas
Feldsun Holland Gigas
Fines de Claires France Gigas
Fines de Normandie France Gigas
Fire Island L I Sound Virginica
Fire Lake New Brunswick Virginica
Fire River New Brunswick Virginica
First Encounter Mass Virginica
First Light Mass Virginica
Fish Hook Wash. St. Gigas
Fish Point Wash. St. Gigas
Fisher Island L I Sound Virginica
Fishhook Fjord Wash. St. Gigas
Flapjack Wash. St. Gigas
Flower L I Sound Virginica
Flying Point Maine Virginica
Forbidden VA Virginica
Forest Bay PEI Virginica
Fortunes Gold Maine Virginica
Fox Island New Brunswick Virginica
Franklin Harbor Australia Gigas
Freeeland Creek PEI Virginica
French Coast New Brunswick Virginica
French Kiss New Brunswick Virginica
French Kiss L I Sound Virginica
Frenchmans Point Wash. St. Gigas
Galway Bay Natives Ireland Ostrea Edulis
Galway Bay Pacific Ireland Gigas
Gartley Beach BC Gigas
Gay Island Maine Virginica
Gemma CA Gigas
Gigacup BC Gigas
Gigacup Wash. St. Gigas
Gigamoto BC Gigas
Gillardeau France Gigas
Glacier Bay Alaska Gigas
Glacier Rock Wash. St. Gigas
Glidden Point Maine Virginica
Goat Island NH Virginica
Gold Creek Wash. St. Gigas
Golden Eye Maryland Virginica
Golden Mantle BC Gigas
Goose Point Wash. St. Gigas
Goose Spit BC Gigas
Gooseberry PEI Virginica
Graham Point Wash. St. G
Grand Pearl VA Virginica
Granite Mt. Selects NH Virginica
Great South Bay L I Sound Virginica
Great North Bay L I Sound Virginica
Green Emerald Nova Scotia Virginica
Green Gables PEI Virginica
Grey Lady Petites Maine Virginica
Hama Hama Wash. St. Gigas
Hammersley Wash. St. Gigas
Harpswell Flats Maine Edulis
Haydens Creek VA Virginica
Haywagon Hill NH Virginica
Hemlock L I Sound Virginica
Hog Island California Gigas
Hog Neck Bay L I Sound Virginica
Hollywood Maryland Virginica
Holy Grail Maryland Virginica
Homestead Point Rhode Island Virginica
Hood Canal Wash. St. Gigas
Hooper Island Maryland Virginica
Hope Point PEI Virginica
Howards Cove PEI Virginica
Howlands Landing Mass Virginica
Hummock Island Pearl L I Sound Virginica
Hunters Point Wash. St. Gigas
Huntington Bay L I Sound Virginica
Hurricane Harbor PEI Virginica
Hurricane Island New Brunswick Virginica
Ichabod Mass Virginica
Ile de Noirmoutier France Gigas
Ile de Ré France Gigas
Imperial Eagle BC Gigas
Indian Creek PEI Virginica
Irish Point PEI Virginica
Island Creeks Mass Virginica
J’Adore PEI Virginica
James River VA Virginica
Jenny’s Petites Wash. St. Gigas
Johns River Maine Virginica
Jorstad Creek Wash. St. Gigas
Kachemak Bay Alaska Gigas
Kachemak Glacier Alaska Gigas
Kahli Cove Alaska Gigas
Kaipara New Zealand Gigas
Katama Bay Mass Virginica
Kenny’s Malpeque PEI Virginica
Kiwi Cup New Zealand Gigas
Kobashi Wash. St. Gigas
Komachi Japan Gigas
Komo Gway BC Gigas
Kumamoto California Sikamea
Kumamoto Wash. St. Sikamea
Kusshi BC Gigas
Kwakwama BC Gigas
KYS France Gigas
L’Huitre Fine (David Hervé) France Gigas
La Belle de Paimpoi France Gigas
La Belle Fermanvillaisse France Gigas
La Fin de la Baie New Brunswick Virginica
La Maison Beau Soleil New Brunswick Virginica
La Perle Blanc France Gigas
La Perle Noir France Gigas
La Pinasse de L’ile aux oiseaux France Gigas
La St. Simon New Brunswick Virginica
Lady Chatterly Nova Scotia Virginica
Laguna Manuela Mexico Gigas
Lake Montauk L I Sound Virginica
Lameque New Brunswick Virginica
Lasqeuti Island BC Gigas
Le Gall France Gigas
Lewis Bay Mass Virginica
Little Bay NH Virginica
Little Bitches VA Virginica
Little Creek Wash. St. Gigas
Little Island Maine Virginica
Little Pleasant Bay Mass Virginica
Little Shimogue New Brunswick Virginica
Lover’s Creek PEI Virginica
Lovers River PEI Virginica
Lucky 13 L I Sound Virginica
Lucky Lime PEI Virginica
Luna California Gigas
Luna Lagoon California Gigas
Madaline PEI Virginica
Majestic France Gigas
Malacca Mammoth Malaysia Ariakensis
Malacca Size 9 Malaysia Ariakensis
Malagash Nova Scotia Virginica
Malaspina BC Gigas
Malpeque PEI Virginica
Marigomesh Nova Scotia Virginica
Marin Bay California California
Maris Stella L I Sound Virginica
Marin Miyagi California California
Marionport Mass Virginica
Martha’s Vineyard Mass Virginica
Mashpee Mass Virginica
Matinecock L I Sound Virginica
Mattaki BC Gigas
Matununk Rhode Island Virginica
Mayflower Mass Virginica
Mayflower Cove Mass Virginica
Mayflower Point Mass Virginica
Mecox Bay L I Sound Virginica
Meetinghouse Creek L I Sound Virginica
Menemsha Pond Mass Virginica
Mermaid Cove PEI Virginica
Mermaid Select L I Sound Virginica
Merry Mass Virginica
Meximoto Mexico C. Sikamea
Midnight Bay Wash. St. Gigas
Milford Haven VA Virginica
Mirada Bay Wash. St. Gigas
Misty Pt. VA Virginica
Miyagi BC Gigas
Miyagi California Gigas
Miyagi Wash. St. Gigas
Monakewego L I Sound Virginica
Montauk Pearl L I Sound Virginica
Moon Shoal Mass Virginica
Moonstone Rhode Island Virginica
Moose Pond NH Virginica
Moyenne France Gigas
Muirgen Ireland Gigas
Mystic River L I Sound Virginica
Nainamo BC Gigas
Naked Cowboy L I Sound Virginica
Naked Cowgirl California Gigas
Nanaimo PEI Virginica
Nantuxet NJ Virginica
Narragansett Rhode Island Virginica
Nasketucket Mass Virginica
Nauset Mass Virginica
Nauset Selects Mass Virginica
Nauti Pilgrim Mass Virginica
Nautilus Maine Virginica
Nautilus Island Maine Virginica
Navy Point L I Sound Virginica
Neptunes Choice L I Sound Virginica
Newcastle Maine Virginica
Ninigret Rhode Island Virginica
Ninimoto Rhode Island Virginica
Nisbet Wash. St. Gigas
Nisqually Wash. St. Gigas
Nonesuch Maine Virginica
Nootka BC Gigas
Norm’s Blue Points L I Sound Virginica
North Bay Wash. St. Gigas
North Bay Cove Wash. St. Gigas
North Haven Maine Virginica
North Nova Nova Scotia Virginica
North Point PEI Virginica
North Shore Gold PEI Virginica
Northern Cross VA Virginica
Northern Lights PEI Virginica
Northumberland PEI Virginica
Norumbega Maine Virginica
Numan-Baker Maine Virginica
Oak Beach L I Sound Virginica
Oakland Bay Wash. St. Gigas
Oceanaire Salts Mass Virginica
Old Black Salts VA Virginica
Olde Salt VA Virginica
Olympia Wash. St. Ostreola conchaphila
Onset Bay Mass Virginica
Osterville Mass Virginica
Ostra Regal France Gigas
Otter Cove Wash. St. Gigas
Otter Creek Wash. St. Gigas
Oyster Bay Wash. St. Gigas
Oysterponds L I Sound Virginica
Pacific Blue point Wash. St. Gigas
Pacific Kiss BC Gigas
Pacific Mediums Wash. St. Gigas
Pacific Orchard BC Gigas
Paradise Cove BC Gigas
Paradise Island BC Gigas
Parting Creek VA Virginica
Pascal Breuil France Gigas
Peacock Cove New Brunswick Virginica
Peale Passage Wash. St. Gigas
Pearl Point Oregon Gigas
Pebble Beach Wash. St. Gigas
Peconic Bay L I Sound Virginica
Pemaquid Maine Virginica
Penn Cove Selects Wash. St. Gigas
Penobscot Maine Virginica
Peters Pt Mass Virginica
Phantom Creek BC Gigas
Pickering Pass Wash. St. Gigas
Pickle Point PEI Virginica
Pineapple Express Oregon Gigas
Pine Island L I Sound Virginica
Pine Island Pearls Florida Virginica
Pine point Maine Virginica
Pink Moon PEI Virginica
Pipers Point PEI Virginica
Pipes Cove L I Sound Virginica
Pittwater Australia Gigas
Plate de Cancale 00 France Ostrea Edulis
Pleasant Pt. Mass Virginica
Plymouth Bay Mass Virginica
Plymouth Rock Mass Virginica
Point Judith Rhode Island Virginica
Point Julia BC Gigas
Point Lookout Maryland Virginica
Point Reyas California Gigas
Port Douglas Australia Gigas
Port Jeff’s L I Sound Virginica
Portugaises France Gigas
Potters Moon Rhode Island Virginica
Pousse en Claire France Gigas
Powder Point Mass Virginica
Prince PEI Virginica
Pristene Bay PEI Virginica
Prudence Island Mass Virginica
Puffer Petite Mass Virginica
Purple Mountain Wash. St. Gigas
Quilcene Wash. St. Gigas
Quivett Creek Mass Virginica
Quonset Point Rhode Island Virginica
Race Rock L I Sound Virginica
Race Rock Kusshi’s L I Sound Gigas
Rainier BC Gigas
Rainier Wash. St. Gigas
Ram Island L I Sound Virginica
Rappahanock VA Virginica
Raspberry Point PEI Virginica
Reach Island Wash. St. Gigas
Reef Rock LIS Virginica
Richibouctou New Brunswick Virginica
Rip Tide Mass Virginica
Robert’s PS Malaysia Ariakensis
Robin’s Island LIS Virginica
Rockpoint Wash. St. Gigas
Rock Oyster Saigon, Vietnam Ariakensis
Rocky Nook Mass Virginica
Rocky Pass Alaska Gigas
Rocky Reef Mass Virginica
Rocky Shore PEI Virginica
Rome Point Rhode Island C. Gigas
Rose Speciale Tarbouriech France Gigas
Rowley River Mass Virginica
Royal Cabanon France Gigas
Royal Miyagi BC Gigas
Royal Miyagi Wash. St. Gigas
Royal Oyster France Gigas
Ruisseau Nova Scotia Virginica
Saddle Rock L I Sound C. Virginica
Salish Seas Wash. St. Gigas
Salt Aire PEI Virginica
Salt Bay Mass Virginica
Salt Nuggets Wash. St. Gigas
Salt Point California Gigas
Salt Pond Rhode Island Virginica
Salty Bay Maine Virginica
Salutation Cove PEI Virginica
Samish Bay Wash. St. Gigas
Samish River Wash. St. Gigas
Sandy Bay Maryland Virginica
Sandy Neck Mass Virginica
Sarah Creek VA Virginica
Savage Harbour PEI Virginica
Saxis Island Mass Virginica
Sea Cow Wash. St. Gigas
Seal Rock Oregon Gigas
Sengoku BC Gigas
Senku BC Gigas
Sentinelles France Gigas
Sewansecot VA Virginica
Sexton Blonde VA Virginica
Sheepscot Maine Virginica
Shell Rock NJ Virginica
Shibumi Wash. St. Gigas
Shigoku BC Gigas
Shigoku Wash. St. Gigas
Shinnecock L I Sound Virginica
Shinnecock Nation L I Sound Virginica
Shiny Seas PEI Virginica
Shippagane New Brunswick Virginica
Shoal Bay Wash. St. Conchaphila
Shooting Point VA Virginica
Shooting Point Salts VA Virginica
Sister Point Wash. St. Gigas
Skagit Point Wash. St. Gigas
Skookum Wash. St. Gigas
Snow Cove Maine Virginica
Snow Creek Wash. St. Gigas
Sober Harbor PEI V
Sober Island Nova Scotia Virginica
Sofitel Special Philippines Gigas
South Bay Blonde Mass Virginica
South Lake PEI Virginica
Special Joquet France Gigas
Spinny Creek Maine Virginica
Spring Creek Mass Virginica
Squixan Wash. St. Gigas
Squixan Pass Wash. St. Gigas
St. James VA Virginica
St. Michel France Gigas
St. Peter Island Australia Gigas
St. Simon Maine Virginica
St.Vasst France Gigas
Standish Shore Mass Virginica
Steamboat Wash. St. Gigas
Stellar Bay BC Gigas
Stellar Bay California Gigas
Stellar Bay Gold BC Gigas
Stingray VA Virginica
Stony Brook L I Sound Virginica
Stony Island Mass Virginica
Streaky Bay Australia Gigas
Stretch island Wash. St. Gigas
Summer Ice BC Gigas
Summerside PEI Virginica
Summer Stone Wash. St. Gigas
Sun Hollow Wash. St. Gigas
Sunbury Point Mass Virginica
Sunken Meadow Mass Virginica
Sunnyside Nova Scotia Virginica
Sunset Beach Wash. St. Gigas
Sweet Jesus Maryland Virginica
Sweet Neck Mass Virginica
Sweetwater California Gigas
Sylter Royale Germany Gigas
Sydney Rock Australia Gigas
Tai O China C. Ariakensis
Tamales Bay California Gigas
Target Rock L I Sound Virginica
Tarkill Creek VA Virginica
Tasmanian Pacific Australia Gigas
Tatamagouche Nova Scotia Virginica
Taunton Bay Maine Virginica
Tavern Island Conn Virginica
Taylor Bay Mass Virginica
Tekiu Point Wash. St. Gigas
Thatch Island Mass Virginica
Thrumcap Nova Scotia Virginica
Thunder Cap PEI Virginica
Tio Point New Zealand Ostrea chilensis
Toby Bay VA Virginica
Tokeen Bay Alaska Gigas
Tom’s Cove Maryland Virginica
Tomahawk L I Sound Virginica
Totem Point Wash. St. Gigas
Totten Point Wash. St. Gigas
Totten Virginica Wash. St. virginica
Treasure Cove Wash. St. Gigas
Tree Hill BC Gigas
Triton Cove Wash. St. Gigas
Tsarskaya France Gigas
Tyler’s Beach VA Virginica
Umami Rhode Island Virginica
Utah Beach France Gigas
Vera Cruz Mexico Gigas
Village Bay New Brunswick Virginica
Wallace Bay Nova Scotia Virginica
Walrus & Carpenter Rhode Island Virginica
War Shore VA Virginica
Washburn Island Mass Virginica
Watch Hill Rhode Island Virginica
Watch House Pt VA Virginica
Wawanuk Maine Virginica
Wellfleet Mass Virginica
Wesport Mass Virginica
Westkeag Maine Virginica
Whale Back Maine Virginica
Whidbey Bay Alaska Gigas
White Caps Mass Virginica
Wianno Bay Mass Virginica
Wicomico Virginia Virginica
Widows Hole L I Sound Virginica
Wild Cocktail PEI Virginica
Wild Damariscotta Maine Virginica
Wild Fire Island L I Sound V
Wild Goose BC Gigas
Wild Goose Rhode Island Virginica
Wild Marionport Mass Virginica
Wild Mecox L I Sound Virginica
Wild Rhode Island Rhode Island Virginica
Wild Rocky Points L I Sound Virginica
Wild Seawanhaka L I Sound Virginica
Wild Tisbury Mass Virginica
Wildcat Cove Wash. St. Gigas
Wiley Pt. Maine Virginica
Willapa Bay Wash. St. Gigas
Winter Point Maine Virginica
Winter Point Selects Maine Virginica
Witch Duck VA Virginica
Wolf Beach Wash. St. Gigas
XL Gigacup Wash. St. Gigas
XL Malpeque PEI Virginica
XL Raspberry Pt. PEI Virginica
XL Ruisseau Nova Scotia Virginica
Yaquina Oregon Gigas
Yarmouth Mass Virginica
York Area 2 VA Virginica
Zeeuwse Creuse Holland Gigas
Zeeuwse Platte Holland Edulis


  • Oysters are distant relatives to scallops and mussels.
  • Oysters are considered a edible bivalve mollusk.
  • Oysters live at the bottom of the ocean in hard-surface areas, either in deep or shallow water.
  • Oysters are an ancient delicacy. Humans have been eating oysters since prehistory times and oysters have been cultivated for more than 2,000 years.
  • During their reproductive season, from May to August, oysters have thin shells and lose some of their taste.
  • Oyster shells typically have a gray or white texture. Some oyster shells have purple or red markings.
  • Oyster shells are primarily made out of calcium carbonate, similar to limestone.
  • When the abductor muscle contracts, the two pieces of the oyster shell close. When the abductor muscle relaxes, the shell opens up.
  • An oyster’s gills are found under the mantle. The gills are used for collecting food and breathing.
  • An oyster doesn’t have a head or a brain. Instead, it has two nerve centers that control the mouth, mantle and internal organs.
  • Oysters live in groups which are referred to as beds or reefs. Oyster reefs are very beneficial. Many small marine creatures both plant and animal make their homes in the areas around the oysters. These small creatures will in turn attract larger marine life to the area.
  • An oyster eats by taking nutrients out of the water. It does this by filtering the water. An oyster is capable of filtering 60 gallons of water every day.
  • Edible oysters belong to the family Ostreidae. Pearl producing oysters belong to the family Pteriidae or feathered oysters. The largest member of the Pteriidae family is the Pinctada Maxima. These oysters can reach over 8 inches in diameter.
  • There are two kinds of pearls, cultured and natural. Natural pearls are very rare and are far more valuable than cultured pearls. Cultured pearls are made by implanting a foreign substance into the oyster.
  • Oysters are harvested in different ways depending on the depth of the water in which they live. Oysters that live in shallow water are harvested using small rakes or by hand. Special tongs can be used to harvest oysters in deeper waters. In extremely deep waters divers may be used. In the past dredging was a common practice. This process is rarely used today because of the damage that it does to the ocean floor.
  • Oyster are very nutritious. You only have to eat 4 or 5 oysters to get your daily requirement of iron, calcium, zinc, copper, manganese, iodine and phosphorus. They also contain vitamins D, C, B1, B2 and B3. Oysters are recommended for people who are on low cholesterol diets.
  • Oysters only become large enough for harvesting after three to five years of life.
  • Marine snails make holes in the oyster’s shell to gain access to the nutritious contents.
  • Oysters eat plankton and organic debris by creating a current in the water. Water enters the oyster’s gills and food particles are caught.